It takes months to plan and put on a great fair like ours.  This year’s officers are dedicated to bringing the best, most entertaining events to you and your family.

2016  Fair Officers

President: Ruth Murchison

Vice President: Jill Henry

Secretary & Fair Manager: Libby Strange

Treasurer: Peggy Strange

Assistant Treasurer: Sue Henry

Past President: Larry Holt

Recording Secretary: Angie Sutton



Marie Chandler

Eric Ellison

Chasity Henry

Tony & Stephanie Maples

Leslie Sane

Tommy Sutton

Roger Templin

Mike Webb

Eva Raines

Jeannie  Birdwell


Agricultural & 4-H Advisors

Sarah Orr

April Parker

Brenda Shadden

Raymond Sutton



Audrey Jones

Don Jones

Travis Sane

Sharon Holt

Nikki Smith

Honorary Agriculture  Advisor

Steve Sutton