Junior & Individual Exhibits

ALL BOOTH  MUST BE READY FOR DISPLAY BY NOON ON MONDAY JULY22,2019     PREMIUMS :                                                                                                                           1st – $35     2nd – $20     3rd – $15

Class 1 – Primary


1.School Grades 1st-4th 

2. Sunday School Grades 1st-4th.

3. Cub Scouts


5. Individuals

Class 2 – Intermediate


1. School Grades 5th-8th

2.Sunday School Grades 5th-8th

3.Boy Scout Troops

4.Girls Scout Troops

5.Junior 4- H Clubs


Class 3 – Secondary


1.School Grades  9th-12th

2.Sunday School Grades 9th-12th

3.Explorer Scouts

4.Senior Girl Scout Troops

5.Senior 4-H Club/ FFA Club

6.FHA-HERO Clubs


Rules and Information

*Junior club exhibits are open to the following youth organizations: FHA-HERO, FFA, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, School Classes, and Sunday School Classes.

*Individuals club members may compete.

*Applications for space must be made by: July 21, 2019

*Booths must be decorated displaying the achievements of the organization, or the display may follow the fair theme: “Summer Nights under Carnival Lights”

*Premium checks MUST be cashed within 30 days.

*Items need to be picked up Sunday July 28,2019