Junior Poultry Show

Poultry will be on display the whole week of the fair.

Judging: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

No Online line entries just call in and mail in.

Download Entry Form Here to


1st – $4.00          2nd – $3.00          3rd – $2.00

BantamsAOCCL ♦ Ducks ♦ Featherleg ♦ Old English ♦ RCCL ♦ SCCL                                         Modern Game ♦ MixedBreed

Large FowlAOSB ♦ American ♦ Asiatic ♦ Continental ♦ English                                                    Mediterranean ♦ Mixed Breed

Ducks & GeeseHeavy ♦ Medium ♦ Light ♦ Mixed Breed

Guinea & TurkeyPurebred ♦ Mixed Breed

  • Download Entry Form Here.
  • Entries MUST be tested for pullorum-typhoid before entering the barn and present a pullorum test certificate. Birds will be tested FREE OF CHARGE on Saturday, July 7, 2018.
  • Feeding and Watering of ALL poultry will be done by Fair Barn Staff.
  • The individual exhibiting must own all entries.
  • All entries must be in place by 2 PM on Saturday, July 7, 2018. Birds will be accepted between the hours of 8 AM – 2PM on this day ONLY. Judging will be Tuesday, July 10, 2018.
  • No one will be allowed in the aisle during the judging other than the clerk and/or show officials. No one will interfere with the judges or the birds during judging under penalty of and forfeiture of prizes.
  • All entries will be judged under the latest APA and ABA Rules and Regulations. Judges decision will be final.
  • Judges will disqualify any specimen they detect as having been tampered with
  • NO SICK BIRDS will be allowed in the show barn, and owner will be asked to immediately remove them from the fairgrounds.
  • 24 Hour security is provided for the fairgrounds, but the Cocke County A&I Fair will not be responsible for any losses or injury.
  • Prize money will be paid only on breeds and varieties recognized by the APA or ABA standards of perfection.
  • If only one entry in a class, exhibitor will receive 2nd place money.
  • Premium checks MUST be cashed within 30 days.
  • Other awards: Rosettes awarded to Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion of Show, and Champions: Large Fowl, Bantam, Waterfowl, Turkey, and Guinea.
  • Any disputes which may arise and are not otherwise covered by these rules will be resolved by the Cocke County A&I Fair Executive Committee, whose decisions will be final.
  • NO ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AFTER July 2, 2018. Entry forms may be mailed to Angie Sutton, 3231 Buck Horn Road, Sevierville,TN 37876; or by calling: Angie Sutton 865-414-8935 or Ruth Murchison 865-414-7565.
  • No entries may be removed from their coop in the show barn before 9PM on July 15, 2018 unless prior arrangements are made with the show chairman, and must be removed no later than NOON on Sunday, July 16, 2017.
  • Exhibitor pass will be required for $5.00 per day or Amount coming soon for the week.
  • Anyone caught removing birds from cages that are not their personal property will be prosecuted.
  • There will be NO sales of poultry from the barn during the Fair.