“Battle for the Bucket” Memorial Firefighter’s Challenge

Friday, July 14, 2017 7:00PM

2017 Congratulations to Cosby Volunteer Fire Department Team 1 on winning the Battle for the Bucket.


The Cocke County Fair is honored to announce the “Battle for the Bucket” Clayton Ball & Jason Smith Memorial Firefighter’s Challenge. Our theme this year is “Family Tradition” and we hope to make this event a new tradition at our fair for many years. Clayton Ball from the Cosby Volunteer Fire Department and Jason Smith from Centerview Volunteer Fire Department were lost in tragic accidents. Both impacted their communities and Cocke County. They served their districts with honor. We hope you will come out and memorialize these lives lost, while area fireman compete in both team and individual competitions.

Team Competitions

  • Station #1 (Team Serpentine)
  • Station #2 (Donning Gear and SCBA)
  • Station #3 (Deploying an attack hose-line)
  • Station #4 (Connecting a supply hose to the water source)
  • Station #5 (Bucket Brigade)

Individual Competitions

  • Station #1 (Donning Gear and SCBA)
  • Station #2 (Tractor Tire Flip)
  • Station #3 (Dummy Drag)
  • Station #4 (Hose Roll)
  • Station #5 (Serpentine/Hose Carry)
  • Station #6 (Bucket Brigade)

Overall Guidelines

  • Download the Official Entry Form ( Coming SOON!), please pre-register by TBD.
  • Guidelines, Rules, and Competition Information will be available soon.
  • This competitive challenge is comprised of both team and individual competitions.
  • Any Fire Department may enter one or more teams comprised of four unique members in the team competition.
  • Any Fire Department may enter as many of their respective members into the individual competition as they desire.
  • Junior firefighters are eligible, as long as they meet all other requirements, with approval of their Fire Chief.
  • Safety will be maintained on the course at all times and the decisions of the safety observer are final.
  • Competition Master of Ceremony and control the time clock located on the side of the fairgrounds arena.
  • The time clock will serve as the official and final time for each event. In the event the time clock fails to operate, winners will be selected by the Master of ceremony. The time clock will count to within 1/10 of a second. A hand-held time clock will serve as the back-up by the Chief Safety.
  • Each competitor may wear any type of clothing desired, but must include pants/shorts, FD T-shirt, shoes, and socks when they begin the competition.
  • No Entry/Admission Fee for competitors in the Fireman’s Challenge.
  •  All Non-participating Department members, family, and spectators must pay a $6.00 Fairground Gate Admission. Children ages 2 and under are FREE.
  • The Winning Team will be presented the traveling award of the Leather Fireman’s Bucket and bragging rights for ONE Year. The Bucket Must be returned for the 2017 Ball/Smith Memorial Fireman’s Challenge.